Tribute Waters Vol 1

Tribute Waters: Volume 1 Cover
Part of the Tribute Waters series:
  • Tribute Waters Vol 1

This volume  collects the first three issues of Tribute Waters. It also has some guest art from some amazing artists and a whole bunch of behind the scenes commentary.

On top of that, I’ve edited and added some text, re-lettered the entire thing, and remade many of the text bubbles to provide you with a more pleasant reading experience.

Stacie Arellano

Tribute Waters
Volume 1
Authored by Stacie Arellano
Illustrated by Stacie Arellano

Alyssa Wrydeva is desperate to find a new job to clear her name and pay her massive debts.

What happens when a standard day at her current job turns into a literal graveyard shift?

While the discord in her current situation is obvious, Alyssa’s not ready for her finale yet.

If she wins her place as captain of a tribute ship, will that ring in a harmonious new movement?

The voyage is just beginning in this nautical fantasy adventure

Publication Date:
Jan 01 2015
1505642507 / 9781505642506