Exciting Tribute Waters News!

Exciting Tribute Waters News!

Hello dear crew,

Guess what!

=====Issue 3 is done!====

You’ll be seeing those pages over the next few weeks. What happens now?!

Well, TW will still continue, with some amazing cool things coming soon, but now I’ve gathered enough pages to publish Tribute Waters Volume one!

I’ve reviewed all the pages and added clarifications and fixed all the word bubbles and errant tails.

Now is your chance to be part of this process!

  1. Please re-read from page 1 and send me notes or make comments on pages with
    *Spelling Errors.
    *Anything that confuses you.
    *Continuity issues (ie, costume discrepancies, ect).
  2. Send fan-art! Black and white, 300 dpi, for inclusion in volume one!
  3. Ask your friends to give TW a look over too, every eyeball is helpful.

I’m hoping to have everything finished up for volume one by the end of the month, so please give me a hand, and we’ll all be able to have the book for the holidays!




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